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Over a half - century of expertise

The Brucke & Virtus is the global leader and innovator in verification, testing and certification services. Founded in 1952, Brucke & Virtus is recognized as the global reference of the highest standards of expertise, quality and integrity.

We operate a network of 4 offices and subsidiaries and more than 4 laboratories worldwide. Acting with verification and monitoring services for international trade in agriculture, minerals, petroleum and consumer products, along with certification and other services to governments and international institutions. Also offers strategic services to the industrial, environmental, non-destructive, resources for projects, logistics and hygiene sectors.

As a professional, independent and reliable partner, Brucke & Virtus is committed to strenghten the delivery of enhanced value for shareholders, clients, employees and the general public. Integrity, transparency and ethical behavior are the fundamental values of the Brucke & Virtus.

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